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Used guitars for sale, buy them or sell online.
Riffs has classified ads for, electric, bass, acoustic, vintage, or classical guitars. Let us help you sell your stringed instrument, or musical accessories, online. Our system is   really easy to use  at this  center for ads. Do you have the ultimate axe to sell, Riffs will help you!  
We have an instructional video and audio that will give you a quick free  lesson on how to ship your instrument, once it sells. Our company is your number one source for used guitar sales through  professional  advertising  online and off line. Our specialized search section is designed to  help seekers pin point the finest brands in the country. That's why we surpass the competition, not only in  price, but  in results as well.  A quick riff and a click and enthusiast will find a Larrivee guitar, Fender, Martin, Gibson, Ovation, and many other brands. Instruments are easy to find on our site and world wide. Site  sections categorize the used guitars like this,  used electric, bass, acoustic, amps, accessories (or "equipment") and vintage style guitars. Our news letter keeps  investors informed whenever there are new, classified, listings added to our site.  If your selling and have a  tuner, some strings, guitar tab, some  music  or capo, throw them in as well, to seal the deal. A chord   book would be an ideal added bonus to your sale. Take some time to  review steps 1 through 2 in the "Place An Add or Buy A Guitar" section and get started with your guitar deal online.
Specialized Guitar Search  This   center is designed  to help you find musical instruments for sale quickly and accurately. We've partnered with a major search site  and created a  Guitar Search perfectly suited for your needs.   The ultimate guitars are all here, Martin guitars, Fender, Gibson, and  Larrivee guitars. Assorted colors and styles of electric, bass, acoustic, vintage and classical guitars can all be viewed quickly.
Take some time to surf around our site looking for the best used brand names in the guitar industry. If you cannot find what you are looking for here we suggest that you try looking on a site called Craigs list for used guitars in your area. The company suggests that used items should be bought within your hometown and we agree that that is the best method. But we also recommend Escrow.com. If someone offers to send certified funds and then pick-up your instrument, notify them and tell them that you will only use Escrow.com to finalize the sale. Chances are good that you will never here from them again.
Not only do we help sell them but you can buy your favorite brands here as well. This site is loaded with pages  of possibilities for the musical instrument that you may be looking for. A quick search through our categories will convince you that we have created a quality online experience for the music lover trying to sell or buy a used guitar.

  We only allow 300 classifieds for  to be placed on our site. What does that mean for you?  Well your used guitar, amp or guitar equipment won't get lost in the shuffle of 70,000 guitar listings or two million items listed, to sell or buy, like on the mega sites, such as Ebay. A buyer or seller is able to find the item they are looking for quickly. If you are placing an ad with us that means there is a  greater chance of your guitar being seen and sold through an advertisement with our site, rather than on a huge site. List your acoustic, electric, bass, or amp with us today it only takes minutes to get started.

Used Guitars

Finding a good used guitar may be a challenge but remember to be patient. Eventually with persistence the perfect acoustic, electric, bass or vintage guitar will surface in the price range that your looking for. It has been my experience that Craig's list is another great resource for finding great instruments locally.

Please make sure you check out some of our great guitar videos before leaving. On of the most popular articles that we have is about why guitar strings break, that's worth checking into.
I have a large assortment of Telefunken, Amperex ,Valvo, RCA Black plate and others.
These are all original from the 50's and early 60's in excellent condition with slight use.
They have all been rigorously tested on calibrated equipment for values and most
importantly microphonics.

The prices are competitive and I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
Vintage NOS Tubes FOR SALE
Email Me: xaviercgar@yahoo.com
Call: (310) 717-2510
Email Me: xaviercgar@yahoo.com
Call: (310) 717-2510