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Canon Guitar Lead
This Video is a MUST SEE clip! This kid obviously has spent countless hours picking this amazing guitar lead to the song Canon! It starts out a little slow but like a great movie when he starts riffin and rippin you will not want to turn this one off until you've watched the entire arrangement. Here's  some useful information about this Canons  History
Incredible Guitar Video
The finest guitar videos around. We have invested countless hours in reviewing incredible, awesome and  amazing guitar videos and videos of amazing guitar players. These guitar videos are free , some are free guitar video lessons.  Rock guitar riffs, blues, Jazz, Country, easy listening, classical and foreign specialty guitar riffs will be streaming on your computer. If you turn up the volume your mom, wife sister or brother might be screaming. Just keep an extra set of head phones around for you  or ear plugs for them.   You will find here, guitar battles on stage of the worlds best guitar reformers as well as some of the very finest and well taught guitar lesson videos. Guitar videos that include how to tune to special tunings like DADGAD and many others. Only the best of the best make it onto our specialized guitar video pages. We have the  most excellent bass guitar players, playing bass leads and riffs, that I've only dreamed about. Dreaming, because I don't even play a bass guitar. Awesome electric guitar videos showing you up close video clips of amazing  harmonics and super fast fingering with every guitar scale imaginable.
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