How To Ship A Guitar

How To Ship A Guitar-Riffs Guitar sales(free audio lesson)

Shipping a guitar can be easy after listening to  this free audio  lesson. We will show you the correct and proven methods  for packing and  shipping a guitar. After studying  this lesson you will be able to pack and ship an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar of classical guitar. We also highly recommend that UPS be used when shipping your electric, acoustic, or bass  guitar. After you have sold your expensive guitar it is extra important to care for it properly when shipping. This free guitar audio lesson  will take you step by step through the proper way to ship a guitar. 

I have personally had great success with UPS throughout the years for shipping. Make sure you purchase sufficient insurance to cover the intire amount that the customer is paying for the guitar.  Call your customer and let them know that the guitar is on the way.


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The methods of shipping and packing a guitar may cost a little extra than some others, that you  may read about, but the additional  investment in packing materials can make all the difference in the world. How dissapointing it would be to have your customer, friend or relative inform you that the guitar was damaged because of the way it was packaged. Damaged musical instruments and customers don't go together very well. Invest wisely in the sucess of your future and use the proper method.

Methods for shipping a guitar

How To Ship A Guitar
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