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Used Guitars Newsletter
Used Guitars For Sale  Newsletter: Why should you sign up?   We will be sending out news updates when new, used guitars are added to the classified ads sections of the site. Especially if you are an  enthuisist and are always searching for a great deal to appear, this is your chance for added sucess.  We will also include whatever changes have been recently made to our pages, like new videos and product pages. Our promise  to you as a valued shopper is "we  will not foward your information to annoying emailers." We are establishing an honarable presence in the internet community and understand the importance of this statement. On the main introduction page of our site you will find a paragraph explaining that we only allow three hundred paid classified advertisements to be posted in a thirty day period. This makes shopping for  and viewing the desired item much easier  than on the mega sites.

This used guitars  news letter, will inform you of the new listings of used guitars for sale on our site.
The sign up process takes less than thirty seconds. Like you we also have been to those websites that  require enough information to cause you, never again to return. Especially after you've filled everything out and hit the submit button and it returns a message, " Sorry but we are not accepting any new applicants at this time." Grrrr