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Dealing with Broken Guitar Strings
Bass Guitar Broken Strings
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Broken Guitar Strings
How to Deal with Broken Guitar Strings During a Performance

When you’re doing a gig or performing sometimes a guitar string will break. How should you deal with this unfortunate event happening right in the middle of your guitar playing performance? I am a rhythm player so this article is written more from the perspective of someone who does a lot of strumming.

What I am about to share may not apply to lead guitar players.

Keep playing and singing, that’s what you do when a string decides to let loose and ping in the air. I always try to figure out which strings are still in tune and as crazy as this may sound; I try to finish the song by avoiding the other five strings on the instrument.

I’ll never forget the first time that it happened to me, I was stunned and hit the brakes. Right in the middle of the song, I just stopped playing. It caught me totally unprepared and obviously by surprise. The sad part about the whole gig is that there was someone else singing with me.

In situations where you’re leading other people in singing, while you play the guitar or if you’re in a band, it’s a must to have a foot pedal tuner ready to re-tune your instrument. This will make the re-tuning process go quickly while you’re on stage. That is unless you are a super star and can afford to have several tuned guitars waiting in the wings.

The main point I wanted to make is that when a guitar string breaks during a gig don’t freeze up like me. Just finish the song so that the performance goes smoothly.

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Broken Guitar Strings