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  We will give you a guitar website link  exchange, if your site is music related.  We have made it easy to  get  links for guitar websites. We are a top rated guitar site. Riffs Guitar Sales has an easy system for loading your URL address. Automated listings  are not an option, we load them all individually. Get your site listed on our website fast and easy.  In exchange we would like to get posted on your site as well.  I don't know about you but the importance of links is what I am paying attention too.

  How frustrating it is that the search engines tell us that we have to have links to improve our rankings and we can't even exchange them easily with each other. Lets work together in this thing. Am I the only guitar website that feels this way?  I want to get quality links but the real quality sites won't allow it. If you sign up with the wrong people and start exchanging them you get a penalty and rankings go down. The ones I love are when they offer you to copy there HTML code and put there guitar site on your site but there is no option for a reciprocating link, some body please tell me what is up with that ?

Links for guitar websites are fast and easy here. I don't know about you but I am so tiered of looking for an exchange that is easy, and fast, with a guitar site. What are these "Guitar websites" thinking?? We click on a link and we think "Ok this will be fast and easy" but no! If you want to exchange with an acoustic, electric, bass, classical or specialty guitar site, you have to  sift through  a huge collection of  accessories and stuff, 100 amplifiers, 25 fender guitars, 500 larrivee acoustic guitars and a huge Martin guitar collection.   If you are lucky you might find a little text box  at the bottom of the page that says "links  for guitar sites" ) You click on it and @#$#@ what the ^%#^%$ is this.

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