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Playing Music in Band-Don't play if

There is really nothing that sounds good about a musician who is doing a live gig and trying to play a song that he does not know with band members who do know the song. If you don’t know the songs, then Do Not try to play it on stage during a live performance or gig. There is nothing pleasing to the ear about a musical note or chords being played off key. If you’ve been invited to pay with a band and you are getting lost, then just chill out and tune into being silent.
. If you have a microphone, then consider joining in on the vocals rather than fumbling your way through the song, hitting wrong notes and chords all the way through.

That’s just my opinion about the proper way to play in a band if you don not know the song very well. It just sounds very unprofessional if you continue to have practice in front of a live audience.