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If your looking for used amps they are for sale by owners here. Every brand of guitar amps ( or "amplifiers") have their own unique sound, it's important to find a quality sounding amplifier that makes your guitar sound great. Where will you be playing your amp and what style of music and sound are you trying to deliver? Do you need an acoustic amplifier, electric guitar amp, or a bass amp? An amp can have such an impact on how  you as a musician play your guitar. There are four types of amps  tube amps, modeling amps, solid-state amps and hybrid amplifiers, each unique in sound.  If you don't know what amp to buy, stop into your local music store and get up to speed. The sales people are always willing to help you understand how different amplifiers will work for your needs,then come visit us again and choose the used  guitar  amp that fits your needs. If you would like to check online here is a great place to read up on    Guitar Amplifiers (get knowledge)
Here are some used  apm(or "amplifier") Brands and manufactures
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Acoustic,Aiken Amps, Alembic preamplifiers and filters, Allen, VHT, Victoria Amplification, Ampeg, Andrews Amps, Ashdown Engineering, Supro, SWR, Tech 21, Tone King Award-Session, AX84, Bad Cat, Basson, B.C. Rich, Behringer Bogner, Bruno, Carr, Carvin A&I, Cornell, Genz Benz, Germino, Hartke Cornford ,Crate Amplifiers, Díaz, Diezel Electric Amp Innovations, Electrosonic Amplifiers ,Electrovoice, Epiphone, Engl, Fender Framus, Hiwatt, Hoffman, Hughes & Kettner Ibanez, Johnson, Kendrick Amplifiers and Guitars, Koch, Kustom, Laney Amplification, Line 6, London Power, Marshall, Matamp, Matchless, Mesa/Boogie ,Mojave, Naylor PCL Vintage Amp, Orange, Peavey, Reeves, Rick-Tone, Rivera Rolan, Ross, Session, Soldano, Soultone, Sovtek, Splawn, Stephenson, Straub ,Suhr, Sunn Supro, Tech 21,Tone King,Top Hat,Two-Rock, Trace Elliot,Traynor amplifiers, Valco, Voodoo Amps, Vox, Ultrasound Amplifiers, White amp, Yamaha
Good used amps for sale are difficult to find there are bargins to be had but you will ahve to keep your eye on the local news papers, craiglist, and other Internet musical equipment sites.  Usually people who invest in a good amplifier are serious guitar players who will hold onto them for life, unless of course they have plenty of money to burn. It's been my experience that when you find a real friend who has plenty of money, they will practically give you their good old stuff.

Used Amps