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When I was a teenager, I wondered what twelve string guitar was the best one to get. I never really was able to afford one then, but when I got into my thirties, after my kids stopped being so darn expensive, I bought an Ovation model 6751. It was the best buy at the time. I looked at several different styles when I was at the Sam Ash music store in south Florida. After making two or three trips back to the special room where they kept the acoustic instruments, I finally decided to purchase a Yamaha 12-string. It actually was about half the price of the Ovation that I really liked. Even as I was traveling home, I kept thinking about how nice the Ovation had sounded.

For several hours that night, I strummed and sang with all my heart on my new twelve string acoustic Yamaha but something inside just didn't like it. I mean, I had waited almost sixteen years to get the guitar that I had always wanted and now I was actually playing it in my own home and could not enjoy it. My feelings intensified that I had settled for less than what I really wanted. The next morning, I made a decision to return it to Sam Ash and purchase the Ovation model 6751.

After all of the two, the Ovation was by far the best 12-string guitar. I returned the Yamaha with no questions asked and did an exchange and forked over a few more hundred dollars. Finally, I was content. For the next year,  I played that thing with such enjoyment that I hated to put it away when I purchased my 6-string, Larrivee D-03. 

I would say that if you're looking to find the best guitar for your situation go to your local music store and try a few out. No one can really tell you what it is that you personally care for in any type of musical instrument. For me,  the Ovation was my favorite of the choices that I had and could afford. It's funny because I went back about two months later and played a taylor twelve string and drooled over how wonderful it sounded. The problem is that the difference in cost was about another eight hundred dollars.

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