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Ten Reasons why guitar strings break

This section will give ten reasons why guitar strings break. I have used several brands on my instrument and can testify that  a key factor in having success is, you must choose the right brand. This usually is a trial and error process, at least it was for me. I did discover that the third string (G) on the Elixir brand, medium gauge sets for my acoustic was always the first one to break. I have tried Martin, Dean Markley, and several others, the  D'Addario brand is my favorite for durability.
Top ten reasons for breaking  guitar strings.

1) How long have the strings been in use? The longer strings have been on your instrument the greater chance there is of them breaking.

2) The strings are over tightened and there is too much tension on them.

3) If a string has a bend or kink in it then the possibility of breakage is increased.

4) If you have a heavy hand when you strum this can cause the durability of the guitar strings to be lessoned.

5) Using the wrong  pick weight  may be causing trouble.

6) What string size are you using, light, medium or  heavy gauge?

7) If you put too much pressure on the strings when you are stretching them.

8) The brand of guitar strings makes all the difference in the world.

9) If you have a rough spot on your bridge or sharp edges on the tuning pegs this can cause the strings to be weekend.  

10) Twelve string style guitars have extra light gauge wires.

Breaking Guitar Strings

When my guitar strings keep breaking it is time to change brands

It took me a while to realize that sometimes you get what you pay for. When my guitar strings keep breaking, something aint right.  Although I was using a very good brand name of strings, that  were cheaper than the rest,. this didn't mean that they were a quality product. My logic was that if they were  Martins they must be good, wrong. I finally got wise after I realized that no matter what I did they still would break. So I changed to the Dean Markley brand and that put an end to the trials. It wasn't until ten years later I began to try the Elixirs. I have now settled in on the D'Addario brand and am please with the results that I am getting.