Sometimes a song will be completely written within an hour. Something really special happens when help from heaven joins in the mix. It's funny,  God is the master orchestrator, composer and musician. So,  to write a new song sometimes is an effortless process.

Writing Songs With A Partner

I have learned how to write songs with a partner. That's exactly what it was, a learning process. He's a poetry writer and has hundreds of poems that are really very good. Sometimes we get together with the intention of  putting music to the lyrics. Oftentimes he will have a melody to go with the poetry that he had written. The first couple of times that we tried to complete a song,  it was rather awkward.  Just because I  or  he had never done this type of thing before. When we experienced success with a completed tune,  we saw that there was great potential if  we would continue forward. We did and since that initial meeting,  we have now composed many original songs together.

Vary rarely do I ever just purpose to write a song though. Even the times when I get together with my song writing partner, the real composing happens after he has left. It's like a divine appointment is fulfilled  and a song gets born into the earth through a spiritual connection. For instance, many times I will just be walking by my Larrivee D-03, pick it up and suddenly a tune and words begin to flow at an unexpected moment. Within minutes another original song is finished. Having a partner to help with the writing is a great asset. I have noticed that the areas where I am weak, which are with lyrics, my friend is very gifted.
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Writing Original Songs With A Guitar

I just wanted to share how I write original songs with my Larrivee Guitar. More often times than not, the magic happens simultaneously. That is, the words and guitar melody happen at the same time. A lot of the music that I write is centered around my relationship with God. Sometimes a song will be completely written within an hour.